About Our Community

The City of Ravenna is located in Northeast Ohio, approximately 18 miles east of Akron and 35 miles southeast of Cleveland.  Our location is one of our biggest strengths. Ravenna is centrally located in an area surrounded by major transportation modes and routes.

Ravenna prides itself on it's rich history and heritage. Founded in 1799 and developed throughout the 1800's, much of Ravenna's original downtown architecture remains today. In 1999, Ravenna invested $3 million in renovating and restoring the downtown area. Today, the community boasts a unique mix of old and new, with numerous industrial facilities thriving within the community.  Many communities are spending large amounts of money trying to re-create the historic look Ravenna already has. The big difference is Ravenna's architecture is authentic. When you stroll down Main Street you are not walking through a newly built imitation, you're visiting an authentic piece of American History. Ravenna is uniquely positioned to excel in the current trend toward returning to that "Main Street USA" feel.

Ravenna enjoys a diverse economy, with manufacturing, trade, services and government sharing nearly equal percentages in the overal economy. A combination of international companies as well as locally owned companies provide good opportunites for residents to work within the City. Ravenna's close proximity to Kent State University, Hiram University and Northeast Ohio University College of Medicine offers employers a wealth of highly skilled employees. Ravenna is home to Robinson Memorial Hospital which is consistently rated as one of the top 99 places to work in Northeast Ohio. Robinson continues to expand not only on it's main campus but also with satellite facilities throughout Portage County
Centrally Located in N.E. Ohio

Ravenna is centrally located in Northeast Ohio, in close proximity to all of N.E. Ohio's major cities and highways.
Ravenna at a glance ...

Interstate Accessibilty

  • Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike)
  • Interstate 76

Airport Access

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Economic Mix

  • Manufacturing - 14%
  • Trade - 12%
  • Services - 11%
  • Government - 14%

Major Employers:

Higher Education Opportunities Within or Near Ravenna

Public Education

  • Ravenna City Public Schools consist of the following:
    • Five Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)
    • Brown Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)
    • Ravenna High School (Grades 9-12)
    • Maplewood Career Center (Vocational Studies)