Rental Property

The viewable .pdf entitled 'City of Ravenna Rental Properties' shown below is a compilation of what we know to be rental properties and what we believe to be rental properties.  All information provided has been taken from the rental applications and the portage county auditor’s web site, thus public information. 

The City is providing this information to be used in many directions.  A landlord may use this list to point out to a proposed renter that they are in compliance or to check when they are due to renew their rental property.  A renter may use this list similarly. 

It is our intent to update this list every couple months.  Landlords and renters are encouraged to notify the building department of any discrepancies as this is a work in progress.

The pdf titled' Possible Rentals'  is a list of possible rentals based on property tax mailing address not being the same as property address.  Please contact our department if this is in error or outdated.  Keep in mind, owner occupied is just that, the owner must reside at this residence for it to be considered owner occupied.  If not, then the City considers this property a rental and all rental ordinances apply per Chapter 14 of the Ravenna Codified Ordinance 

 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize 
Rentals with expired certificates.Properties with expired Rental Permits2/12/201310.91 KBDownload
Possible RentalsProperties with tax mailing different from property address.2/12/201332.20 KBDownload
City of Ravenna Rental PropertiesProperties known, or believed to be Rentals.3/23/2015223.32 KBDownload