Recreational Fires

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning Recreational Fires within the City of Ravenna. If you still have questions concerning a recreational fire, either planned or ongoing, please don't hesitate to call the Fire Department at 330-297-5738.

Q: Are recreational fires permitted in Ravenna?
A: YES. Open burning is allowed for the following purposes in Ravenna without permission from the Ohio EPA: Cooking for human consumption.Heating tar, welding, acetylene torches, highway safety flares, heating for warmth of outdoor worker, smudge pots and similar occupational needs.

Q: If I want a cooking fire in my yard, are there any restrictions?
A: YES. All cooking fires must meet the following requirements of the Ohio Fire Code and Open Burning Ordinance of the City of Ravenna. The location of the fire must be aleast fifty (50) feet from any stucture or motor vehicle on adjacent property and provisions must be made to prevent the spread of fire to within fifty (50) feet of a structure or motor vehicle.Fire in approved containers shall be permitted provided they are at least fifteen (15) feet from any structure.Use only dry wood or charcoal for fuel.The fire shall be constantly attended by a competent person until the fire is extinguished. Fire extinguishing equipment shall be readily available. A garden hose is fine.The fire shall be limited in size to three (3) feet by three (3) feet.

Q: May I have a bon fire?
A: YES. Open burning is also permitted with prior notification to the Ohio EPA (330.375.2480), for the following, however the fire cannot be used for waste disposal purposes. Ceremonial purposes. The fire shall be less than five (5) feet in dimension and shall burn no longer than three (3) hours)Prevention and control of disease or pest.Recognized silviculture, range or wildlife management.

Q: May I burn trash or refuse?
A: NO. No person shall burn any refuse, rubbish, waste or other material within the City of Ravenna.

Q: If my neighbors complain will the fire department investigate?
A: YES. The fire department will investigate all complaints of open burning. Provided the fire complies with the requirements for a cooking fire it will be permitted to burn. The fire department will prohibit open burning that is offensive or objectionable due to smoke or odor emissions when atmospheric conditions make such fires hazardous or endangering to persons.

Q: Could I be cited for my fire?
A: YES. If you do not follow the requirements of the Open Burning Ordinance you could be cited.