Smoke Free Ohio

Ohio's Law

   Ohio voters approved the indoor smoking ban in November, 2006. The Ohio Department of Health estimates 280,000 public places and places of employment in the State of Ohio are protected by this ban, by eliminating the exposure of second hand smoke.


  • Private residences
  • Family-owned businesses without non-family employees.
  • Certain areas of nursing homes.
  • Some retail tobacco stores.
  • Outdoor patios.

How To File A Complaint:

Proprietors Obligations

  • Prohibit smoking in any "public place" or "place of employment". For definitions refer to Ohio Revised Code 3794.01
  • All "public places" and "places of employment" must post conspicuous signs at each entrance. The signs must be clearly legible and shall contain a toll-free number for reporting violations.
  • All "public places" and "places of employment" must remove all ashtrays and other smoking receptacles pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3794.06(B).