Employee Withholding

General Business Information and Questionnaires:

Electronic File Submission:
  • For employers submitting W2 information electronically, please follow the following procedures prior to submitting the file ...
    • STEP 1: Use the Social Security Administration's "Accuwage" utility to check your EFW2 files accuracy.
      • This tool can be downloaded from (Select the "Download Accuwage - 2010 Tax Year" link)
      • This link will download a setup file which when executed will install the Accuwage software.
      • This software will help the preparer determine if all the required elements are present in the file - with the exception of the "RS" record - which is the "extra" element required for a municipality's purposes.
    • STEP 2: Test the RS record using the MITS W2 Verification Software.
    • NOTE: The EFW2 file should be run through EACH of the above two steps prior to electronic submission to the tax department
    • Also ... the taxing entity code (position 5-9) can be the first five letters of the municipality name (i.e. RAVEN)

Who Must File?
  • All business entities located in the City of Ravenna, or those located outside the City of Ravenna and doing business in Ravenna, are required to withhold and remit employee income tax.
  • The Employer's Quarterly Report (EQR) serves as the remittance document that illustrates the calculation of Ravenna City taxes withheld and payable for a 3 month period.
  • Businesses with employee withholding greater than $200 per month, or $600 per quarter are required to file and remit on a monthly basis.
  • Business entities of all reporting types, located in Ravenna, or those located outside of the City and doing business in Ravenna, are required to file an annual return on profit or loss.


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