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The Ravenna City Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for investigating a variety of crimes which are reported to our patrol division each day. On average, at any one time, our four detectives are actively investigating a total of 150 cases. These crimes range from thefts and fraud to burglaries, robberies, sex offenses, and homicides.

Not all reported incidents end up in the Detective Bureau. Some cases are investigated and resolved by the patrol division and others lack enough substance or evidence to warrant further investigation.

All of our Detectives are selected from the patrol division and are chosen due to their demonstrated dedication and investigative abilities. These investigators are highly trained in general investigative techniques as well as specialized topics. Cases are assigned to Detectives who are specifically trained to investigate a particiular crime type.

We will periodically post information on this page concerning specific crimes in which we are looking for the public's assistance. Please bookmark this page and check back often.