Old Ravenna High School

On November 21, 2011, The Ravenna Board of Education voted to demolish the former Ravenna High School, which has been vacant since August 2010.  Leaders of the Ravenna School District and the Portage County Port Authority announced plans for the site, which is expected to become a mixed-use development that will include new residential and commercial opportunities in the heart of Ravenna.

According to School Superintendent Dennis Honkala, "When the district announced the construction of a new high school, our goal has been to find a use for the East Main Street property that would advance the city" ... "We felt it would be a tragedy and irresponsible for that property to just continue to sit there vacant, incurring the cost of not only lost opportunities, but actual district money.  The chance for us to work with the port authority, and the city, on something unique to help Ravenna attract investment and potentially create jobs was too exciting to pass up."

We've created this web page to keep residents informed of this project.

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