White Rubber Redevelopment

The goal of the Former White Rubber Property redevelopment project is to perform an asbestos abatement, demolish all but two on-site structures, and remove contaminated soil. The 2.46-acre Property is located west of Cleveland Road and north of Oakwood Drive in northwestern Ravenna, Ohio.

The City of Ravenna is partnering with Family & Community Services, Inc. to clean up and redevelop this vacant industrial property addressed at 835 Cleveland Road, Ravenna, Ohio. Family & Community Services, Inc. is one of northeast Ohio’s largest social service organizations, providing programs and services to over 60,000 residents annually. One of the organization’s fastestgrowing programs is transportation services. Currently, more than 200 residents are transported, on a daily basis, to grocery stores, educational classes, work destinations, doctor’s appointments, and kidney dialysis and other necessary medical treatments. The service’s facility vehicles are also adapted with wheelchair lifts for special needs citizens. Demand for transportation services continues to rise, however Family & Community Services, Inc. is unable to meet this growing demand due to space constraints at the current facility. The relocation of this community support facility to the Former White Rubber property would allow the transportation program to expand. This redevelopment project and relocation will create 10 new jobs and retain 20 current jobs at an average wage of $9.00 per hour. The City of Ravenna expects to use a portion of the Application for Clean Ohio Revitalization Funds 10/2010 2 property for salt storage and the balance of the property will be used for transportation vehicles and customer and employee parking.

Economic Benefit (Known End User):

Family & Community Services, Inc. gained ownership of the Property in December 2010 and will act as the development partner as the known end user. The City and the Development Partner are committed to establishing active operations which will produce future jobs, tax revenues, and economic stimulation as well as high-quality community service.

The currently vacant industrial facility is connected to municipal sewer and water which supports the redevelopment potential of the Property. However, the Property is not marketable in its present condition due to asbestos containing materials and contaminated soil. A development plan is being created with funding applied for through the USEPA. The occupancy of Family & Community Services, Inc. will increase the property value of the immediate location and the surrounding area. This project is expected to increase pride in the neighborhood and spark interest for future redevelopment projects. This project supports the City’s goal to improve the impoverished areas of the City which will benefit the local community and especially the low-income residences which abut the idle and often vandalized Property. The estimated Total Cost of this remediation project is $541,112.83 and $405, 712.83 of CORF funding is being requested. The match dollars for this project include $107,099.00 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and a private match of up to $23,500.00 from the Development Partner.

History of the Project Property:

Historical documentation indicates that the Property was developed for residential use until the late 1920s, when it became a commercial manufacturing facility. Surrounding areas have included mixed use over time. The Property is occupied by the Former White Rubber Corporation facility, an inactive industrial complex. The site contains a 28,000 square foot manufacturing facility complex, a building which formerly housed a vapor-recovery system, and associated parking areas. The facility has been idle since operations ceased in 2007. The surrounding area is comprised of residential areas, light industrial facilities, and commercial buildings within the City of Ravenna. The on-site structures are in fair to poor condition, except for the central two-story building, which has incurred damage due to a leaking roof.

Environmental Improvements & Benefits:

The future employees and visitors of the Property will benefit from this completed remediation project. Possible cancer-causing materials such as asbestos need to be properly abated from the onsite structures and soil contaminated by prior industrial activities should be removed from the northwest portion of the property and replaced with clean fill material. The ground water does not meet VAP drinking water standards and does not support potable use. A ground water restriction will be recorded for this Brownfield to meet No Further Action status and reduce the threat to the public health. The City and the Development Partner support sustainable redevelopment. This cleanup project will incorporate the reuse and recycling of building products and construction materials as feasible. Runoff will be reduced and erosion will be limited by incorporating a porous gravel parking area with low-maintenance landscaping.

Project's Readiness to Proceed If Funded:

VAP Phase I and VAP Phase II Property Assessments have been completed for the Property and a Bio-Criteria Study of Wahoo Ditch supports the assessments. Remedial Action Plan and Project Assumptions and Cost Estimate documents have been prepared for this grant application. The City of Ravenna and Family & Community Services, Inc. are prepared to move forward. The remediation of the Former White Rubber Property will proceed immediately upon executing the CORF Grant Agreement.

For a copy of the Application Summary, including photos from the White Rubber site, click Here.