Community Improvement Corporation

The Community Improvement Corporation of Ravenna, Ohio (CIC)

The Community Improvement Corporation of Ravenna, Ohio (CIC), an Ohio not for profit corporation, was incorporated on January 4, 1963.  Mayor Bica has requested that the CIC resume the activities as declared by Ravenna City Council Resolution No. 1996-88, “to enter into an agreement with a Community Improvement Corporation to provide additional authority and resources for the economic development of the city.”

The intended purpose of the CIC is to borrow money, to make loans, to acquire the good will, business rights, real and personal property, etc. for the promotion of economic development  for the City of Ravenna and to do all acts and things necessary as set forth in Chapter 1724 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Current Members:

 Trustee:  Position:
 Joe Bica
 Mayor, City of Ravenna
 Francis Ricciardi
 Ravenna City Council President
 Frank Seman
 Chair, Community & Economic Development Committee
 Kimble Cecora
 Ravenna City Finance Director
 Mike Bogo
 Neighborhood Development Services, Inc.
 Bruce Kirby
 Home Savings Bank, Co-President - Ravenna Chamber of Commerce
 Jack Kohl
 Jack Kohl Agency
 Mark Frisone
 Family & Community Services, Inc.
 Scott Flynn
 Attorney at Law

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1724.10:  Political designating community improvement corporation as agency for development

“Not less than two-fifths of the governing body of any economic development corporation designated as the agency of one or more political subdivisions shall be composed of mayors, members of municipal legislative authorities,…, or any other appointed or elected officers of such political subdivisions…”


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